How Cloud Computing is Improving Oil and Gas Operations

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February 3, 2017
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How Cloud Computing is Improving Oil and Gas Operations

Today, Cloud Computing is being applied to many types of businesses and different industries worldwide because it is brilliant in making complicated tasks easier and faster to accomplish. In the oil and gas industry, cloud computing technology plays a crucial role in project management and oil and gas surveying operations. This innovative technology improves efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the operations. There is no doubt that Cloud Computing has a tremendous impact towards the oil and gas operations and it will continue to revolutionize the industry.

Importance of Cloud Computing

Oil and gas operations handle a large amount of data and it involves intensive fieldwork. It is often crucial for the company to access the gathered field data in real time in order to solve complex problems and make on-the-spot decisions. Important documents and data can be uploaded from the project site and it can be instantly accessed by business partners, stakeholders, contractors, regulators and other important personnel who are cleared to view the data. Cloud Computing keeps the operation working seamlessly by connecting all its moving parts together. It improves the security and minimizes any delays in the operation. Here are more advantages of Cloud Computing technology that provides efficiency to the oil and gas operations:

  1. Generated reports are more comprehensive
  2. Generate a more informed and detailed budget
  3. Lower operational costs associated with unplanned interruptions and delays

Cloud Computing Provides Flexibility

Real-time land surveying and quality control process are further improved by utilizing a more reliable Cloud Computing system. Mobile devices and other gadgets are now being used by technicians and employees to collect data and upload it to their servers or send it back to the headquarters. Field engineers also use wireless recording stations to ensure the safety of the operations and improve quality control. In the oil and gas industry, it is necessary to share information in real-time, and cloud computing offers this flexibility in a secure and reliable manner.


Cloud-based mapping is a valuable tool in the oil and gas operations. Land surveyors, engineers and field personnel can access cloud-based mapping by just using their smartphones or mobile devices. Real-time data collected can be instantly interpreted and uploaded for distribution.

Human Resources

Oil and gas operations are usually based abroad or across different locations around the world. With this type of setup, it is often complex and challenging for the human resources team to manage all their personnel. With the introduction of a cloud-based human resources management system, the oil and gas company can now effectively manage their employees and attend to their needs quickly. Cloud technology offers faster and reliable solutions in human resource management by upgrading its connectivity and communications sector.

Shared Work Environments

Creating a shared work environment is a cloud-based feature that is very useful for oil and gas operations, especially for the field personnel and engineers. By creating a shared work environment, the documentation and accounting aspect of the operation can be handled by the accounting department back at the head office. This allows the field personnel and engineers to focus more on the technical part of their work instead of doing additional documentation and accounting tasks.

In the near future, Cloud Computing can become an integral part of the oil and gas operations. It offers so many advantages such as connectivity, collaborations in real-time, scalability of operations and flexibility. More oil and gas companies in different countries are integrating Cloud technology into their operational system because it delivers more reliable results while saving money at the same time.


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