Benefits of Global Hiring Through imPaths

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May 27, 2016
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June 8, 2016

imPaths is proven to be the fastest, easiest and most efficient way of hiring professional energy consultants from all over the world. By registering on imPaths, you are opening so many opportunities for growth and development for your organization. There are so millions of  freelancers and consultants around the world, possessing exceptional skills and experience, there are professionals who are looking for new projects and employers in the Oil, Gas and Energy industry. If you really want to save time and money for your new projects, you can use imPaths as your Information Management platform to hire the best consultants locally and abroad for a more competitive prices. To further encourage you, here are some of the benefits of global hiring by using imPaths.

Labor Cost

Cheaper labor cost is one of the main reasons why most companies hire freelancers and consultants overseas. You can get your projects done with the same professional quality, or even much better, at comparatively cheaper prices. This not only saves your company money, but  also provides you better insight on the professional skills of consultants overseas.

More companies today hire freelancers from countries such as India and the Philippines because of a much cheaper labor cost. However, you still have to consider the expertise and experience of these consultants before hiring them. Sacrificing quality to save money with cheaper labor cost may not be a good idea, especially if you are dealing with big projects. imPaths provides you access to global talent pool of industry proven professionals who are capable to complete your projects with the highest value.

Hire for Short Term Commitment

Hiring globally through imPaths is perfect for short term commitments. You can bring in a professional energy consultant on a project basis without having to deal with long term commitments, tedious HR processes and huge bills. You can save the company more on costs by hiring on a per project basis. This is also a great option for companies which have projects in diverse fields and needs a lot of people with different expertise and skillset. You may need one consultant for a project but you may need a different one with specific skillsets for your next project. imPaths empowers you when hiring for multiple projects.

Hire the Most Suitable Consultant

Sometimes, the most suitable and experienced energy consultants are found in other countries. Global outsourcing is here to stay and it has a very positive impact on many companies today. With latest technology, as global collaboration and access is becoming easier, you do not have to face constraints of finding project managers or consultants within your local area. With imPaths global hiring, you have immense number of opportunities to hire a specific consultant with the most suitable skillset for your upcoming projects. You can search for energy consultants who specialize in different fields such as Project Management, Cloud Computing, IT Service Management, Geospatial Solutions, Plant Design Automation, Engineering Design Services, CAD Systems Training, As-Built Engineering and many more.

Provide New Ideas and Innovations

Taking advantage of new knowledge is one of the best advantages you can have when you hire a consultant overseas. Global hiring through imPaths is a great catalyst for transfer of innovations and getting better ideas to your organization. Usually, these freelancers are more receptive to new technology and ideas that you might  not aware of in your organization or area. Most of the consultants are not burdened with office politics which allows them to think of innovative ideas and provide new solutions for the project. Plus, their vast experience in different fields of the energy sector and working with various organizations and projects can help your projects immensely when you need more ideas and suggestions for improvement. imPaths enables you to bring this wealth of knowledge and expertise to one table for your organization.