Ad hoc low-cost option for Engineering Services and Local Experienced Industry Professionals

Modular Refining as Alternative in Emerging Economies
November 6, 2016
Alberta Oil&Gas Projects
November 25, 2016

We are actively seeking the engagement of freelance energy industry professionals and partnership opportunities with companies all around the world offering engineering services to explore possible synergies to collaborate and add value to oil & gas industry. Energy industry globally continues to seek lasting cost cuts and there is an immediate need to get the quality work done smarter, faster and cheaper. There is an ongoing need to execute defined scope tasks using outside the box approaches by enabling a good blend of technology and cost optimized on-demand local and global experienced resource pool.

Below are the following 2 initiative we have taken to help achieve this:

1) CAE Technologies Inc – CAE is a specialized service provider of Data and CAD services, information management solutions, engineering design systems support, custom applications, automation services and mobile app development. We have teamed with global partner companies and local Experienced Industry Professionals to bring value and cost optimized quality services to our customers. The enclosed document, see here outlines summary of services offered by CAE. Below please find CAE Technologies’ offerings to engage ONSITE Ad-Hoc Local Engineering Solution Support Professionals

Engagement Plan 1 (1-40 hrs) – $90/hr
Engagement Plan 2 (40-80 hrs) – $80/hr
Engagement Plan 3 (80-160 hrs) – $70/hr

2) – imPaths is a Crowdsourcing Information Management Platform to establish a network between Employers and Experienced Industry Professionals to list, bid and complete defined scope tasks in oil and gas and energy sector for any size job, anytime, anywhere. For details around how it works, please review INTRO videos @ | | as well check FAQ @

Contact us today for partnership opportunities or with your requirements and allow us to offer our services to your project needs.