5 Reasons Why You Should Hire Consultants On imPaths

10 Big Reasons for Employers to Post Projects on imPaths
May 27, 2016

imPaths is your best source for finding highly skilled and professional consultants in the field of oil, gas and energy industry. This is a quick, reliable and secure platform for searching the most suitable consultants for your project.

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider hiring your next consultants on imPaths.

1- imPaths is an Easy to Use Information Management Platform

Employers will find it very easy to navigate and use the imPaths platform for searching and hiring consultants. The interface is simple and the process is very transparent which allows employers to

quickly find the most suitable people for the project. Here are the steps on how employers can get their projects done on through imPaths.

  •  Go to the website and register as an employer – Just visit imPaths.com and click on the Sign Up buttonPost your projects – Include the skill sets and the requirements you need for the project.
  •  Hire your consultants – You can hire by inviting them to apply or you can choose from the consultants who apply for your project
  •  Collaborate and finalize the project with your consultant
  •  Fund the project – Fund money in escrow with imPaths until the project is completed
  •  Review the project work completed by the consultant and approve.
  •  Release payment to the consultant

2- Hire Experienced, Tested and Tried Professionals

The consultants who are registered on imPaths are professionals and highly experienced in their field of work. As an employer on imPaths, you can invite consultants from around the world who are qualified to take on complex projects. If there are several consultants vying for your project, you can select the ones who have the most experience and better reviews for their previous work at imPaths, as well as are mostsuitably skilled for the job. You can check their profile and conduct interviews and final screening to make sure that they really can get the job done efficiently within the deadline.

3- Consultants are Carefully Screened

Consultants are carefully screened and their profiles are verified when they register with imPaths. Profile verification of the consultants includes checking and authenticating their email address and their profile information. imPaths provide the employer with an efficient messaging system to communicate with the consultant and do further screening and interviews during their hiring process.

4- Feedback and Review System to Help Employers Hire the Right Consultant

imPaths provide a feedback and review system which allows employers to see what the previous employers are saying about a particular consultant. More positive feedbacks may mean that the

consultant is easy to work with and has done excellent work on previous projects. Employers should always check feedbacks and reviews because this can help in providing more information about the suitability of the consultant for their project.

5- Wide Range of Projects can be Done on imPaths

Employers can post a wide range of projects and hire highly versatile consultants who are experienced in different industries. You can post small, medium and large projects and hire an individual or a team of consultants which specialize in different types of projects. Some of the works that can be done by consultants on imPaths include:

  •  IT Service Management
  •  Project Management
  •  CAD Systems Training
  •  Data Entry
  •  Plant Design Automation
  •  Engineering Design Services
  •  Cloud Computing
  •  Strategic Business Services
  •  Software Solutions
  •  Geospatial Solutions
  •  Managed Geo IT Services
  •  Technical and Project Information Management