5 Reasons the Oil and Gas Industry Should Embrace Mobile Technology

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December 15, 2016
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February 6, 2017


5 Reasons the Oil and Gas Industry Should Embrace Mobile Technology

Different businesses all over the world today are taking advantage of smartphones and tablets to streamline their work process, manage the workflow and increase productivity. One example is the marketing sector, wherein many popular brands are creating their own mobile apps in order to promote their products and services. The emergence of Uber and other ridesharing companies have changed the game of public transport just by integrating the smartphone. There is no doubt that the mobile technology has made innovative changes in many business processes. Most business analysts believe that the oil and gas industry will soon embrace the mobile technology and create their own mobile strategy to improve their existing operations. Here are five reasons why it is beneficial for the oil and gas industry to use mobile technology.

  1. Better Connectivity and Streamlining of Business Process

In the oil and gas industry, scheduling projects and field works are very important aspects of the business. When something happens in the field, such as an upgrade or repairs in the system, the back office, and the management needs all the vital information from their field personnel in order to make the right decisions. By integrating the latest mobile technologies, the connectivity between each sector becomes more efficient. When the business process is tightly streamlined, the company can save a lot of time and money.

  1. Field Data Capture

In the past, field personnel and engineers carry a pen, notepad and some instruments when gathering data from the field. They can only input these data when they get back to their offices. Today, mobile technology has made it faster and easier for all sectors of the organization to gain access to their data. Even if the field work is offshore, the data gathered can be quickly sent to a single database or centralized structure, where it can be analyzed and relayed to those who need the data.

  1. Improve the Maintenance Process

Immediately addressing various technical problems during maintenance checks are very crucial for an oil and gas company. Mobile gadgets can log events that can be instantly analyzed and addressed by the technicians. This increases the efficiency of the maintenance process because the company can accurately schedule repairs and allocate the right materials and manpower at the exact site.

  1. Allows for Real-Time Operation Viewing

Mobile technology has allowed project managers in their offices to view field operations in real-time. The data gathered can also be relayed back to the office, which means that the managers or supervisors can react to any problems and make on-the-spot decisions immediately.

  1. Geolocation

Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices are equipped with GPS technology that allows for geolocation. When the device is turned on, it is able to show your location to other people. In the event of emergencies or evacuations, the company can easily pinpoint the location of their field personnel, engineers, and technicians. An oil and gas company can utilize mobile technology and geolocation to further improve their safety procedures.


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