10 Big Reasons for Freelancers to Use imPaths

10 Big Reasons for Employers to Post Projects on imPaths
May 27, 2016
Benefits of Global Hiring Through imPaths
June 3, 2016

imPaths presents a secure, reliable and flexible way for finding the right projects at the right time. Creating a profile at imPaths is absolutely a great idea, especially for freelancers who are looking for exciting opportunities working with professional employers around the globe. Here are 10 big reasons why you should register on imPaths.

1. imPaths is a Reputable and Leading Service Provider Company

imPaths is a Calgary based, privately held, service provider company. We have a very good reputation for connecting employers and freelancers, providing an opportunity to gain access to high quality projects for freelancers and consultants. If you want a reliable and trustworthy platform to find the right projects that suit your technical skills, then look no further, create your consultant or employer profile on imPaths today.

2. Offers Flexibility of Work

imPaths is perfect for consultants, freelancers and part-time workers who want more flexibility in their work schedule. You can have the flexibility to work whenever you want, from wherever you want. imPaths offers you more freedom so you can work in a way that is ideal for you.

3. User-Friendly Web-Based Platform

imPaths is a web-based information management platform that is very easy to use for everyone. If you are a first-time visitor, you can sign up and create your own profile within minutes. Now that you are already a member, you can look for available projects. Some employers may see your profile and send you an offer to work for them. The process of getting a project at imPaths is very simple, straightforward and efficient.

4. Apply to Projects of Your Interest

Are you constantly being forced to do tasks or jobs that are not related to your skills? With imPaths, you can look for the right projects that are suitable for your experience and skills set. There are so many job postings on imPaths and you can choose to work on the projects where you can excel and truly enjoy working on.

5. Provides Many Options for Different Kinds of Projects

Most of the employers on imPaths are from the Oil and Gas Industry. However, the types of projects and work available in imPaths is diverse. Here are just some of the projects which are seeking skilled consultants and freelancers:

  •  Cloud Computing
  •  IT Service Management
  •  Software Solutions
  •  Security Engineering
  •  Data Entry
  •  Project Management
  •  Engineering Design System Support
  •  CAD Systems Training
  •  Plant Design Automation
  •  Strategic Business Services

6. Let Employers Find You Easily

Once you have created your own profile on imPaths, you can be seen by employers who are looking for consultants and freelancers. You can make your profile more attractive if you have positive feedbacks, ratings and reviews from former employers.

7. Secure Way to Get Paid

As a consultant or freelancer, you can choose to be hired by the employers on a fixed price or per project basis. After collaborating with the employer and finalizing all the details about the project, the employer will then fund the project on imPaths. After you have completed your work, it will be submitted to the employer for review. If it is approved, you will get paid. With imPaths, you can be sure that the employers are professionals and have integrity.

8. Provides an Easy Platform for Communication with Employer

The imPaths platform includes messaging options that can be used by the consultants and employers to easily communicate with each other regarding their projects.

9. Find Professional Employers Around the World

These employers who are looking for highly qualified consultants are not only based in Canada but all over the world. You can find professional employers in the energy industry from Asia, US, Europe and Australia.

10. Simple and Transparent Process for Finding Projects

The process for finding the right projects is simple and transparent and it involves:

  •  Creating your imPaths profile
  •  Looking for available projects
  •  Applying to projects of your interest or accept projects offered by employers
  •  Collaborating with the employers
  •  Completing the project
  •  Submitting project for review and approval
  •  Getting paid