10 Big Reasons for Employers to Post Projects on imPaths

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire Consultants On imPaths
May 27, 2016
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May 27, 2016

imPaths is one of the fastest growing Information Management platform for the Oil, Gas and Energy sector. Employers can post their projects on imPaths and find the right consultants to complete the project. Here are 10 most important reasons why employers should post their projects on imPaths.

1- Get Your Projects Completed with the Highest Professional Value

Consultants at imPaths are experienced professionals who specialize in different fields of work. Before consultants can apply for any projects, they are carefully screened by imPaths by verifying their profile information and email address. Employers can do the final screening to make sure that the right person is hired for the project.

2- Connect with a Pool of Talented and Experienced Consultants from Around the World

Clients have the option to choose from a pool of talented and experienced consultants all over the world. As an employer, you may be having difficulty in finding highly skilled personnel in your area. If you are registered on imPaths, you can look for a suitable consultant abroad with the talent and the skills to finish your projects as per your requirements and on time.

3- Get Your Projects Done at Competitive Rates

Employers can choose experienced consultants who offer the most competitive rate to complete their project. Consultants can be hired on a fixed price basis for the agreed scope of work. Once a project budget is mutually agreed on by the employer and the consultant and a winning bid is selected, the employer can now fund the project and only release funds to the consultant when the project is delivered as per the agreement.

4- Two Options to Hire Consultants

When you post your projects on imPaths, several consultants may apply for the job. You can choose which consultant has the best rate and has the right skills to complete your project. The second option is to invite consultants to apply for your project. You can take the initiative and look for the consultants that possess the skills that you are looking for and offer them to work on your project

5- Feedback and Review System to Help You Hire the Right People

When hiring a consultant, you can check their profile to see if they are qualified for the job. Another way to check the qualification of a consultant is by looking at the feedbacks from their former employers. With this feedback and review system at imPaths, you can see whether a particular consultant is reliable and competent to handle your projects.

6- Very Simple and Transparent Process

For the employers, the process of getting your project done is very simple and transparent. The process includes:

  •  Posting your project on imPaths
  •  Hiring the right consultants
  •  Funding the project
  •  Reviewing and approving the work done
  •  Releasing the payment

7- Projects in Many Fields Can Be Competed

imPaths allows employers to post large and small projects and different types of work. Some of the projects that can be done by consultants on imPaths include: Security Engineering, Cloud Computing, IT Service Management, Software Solutions, Strategic Business Services, Data Entry, As-Built Engineering, CAD Systems Training, Project Management, Plant Design Automation, Engineering Design Services, Geospatial Solutions and many more.

8- Several Funding Method Options for Your Projects

imPaths allows several methods for the clients to fund their projects. You can use your MasterCard, American Express, Visa, PayPal or bank account. The employer funds the project in escrow to allow the consultant to begin working with the project and funds are secured for both the employer and the consultant.

9- Your Financial Information is Secure at imPaths

Security for your information and data is the foremost priority at imPaths. Your financial information is never stored by us. All payments are processed directly through PayPal. Employers fund the project in escrow to allow the consultants to work on the project. The funds are fully secured in escrow until the project is completed as per the agreement by the consultant.

10- Efficient Messaging System

imPaths is an efficient platform to connect the employers and the consultant. Real time messaging system at imPaths allows the employer to communicate with the consultants regarding their projects.